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Steps To Remove Online Identity

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Once you start using the social media network, you will leave your identity at some place or another. If you like to remove your previous identity from the social media platform, there are few simple things that can be done. Your identity can be seen in different ways such as images, comments, posts and more. There are a number of ways you can manage your online presence, but try to avoid being more serious when dealing with others on the social media platform.

1. Privacy settings- If you are using social media channel to support your business and the same account is used for your personal use, then it will become public easily. Try to use separate accounts for your business and personal use. There are also a number of tools that can be used to keep your professional profile different from your personal account.

2. Do a search- Just use the search engines to search for the name and use other words that are related to your account or brand. Apart from searching the text you must also search for images. If you are able to find anything related to your name, try to remove it immediately by sending a request to the person who is using it. Once you have deleted the content, it may still remain in the search for sometime become getting removed completely from the search engine.

3. Personal blog adjustment- There are chances that your personal blogs can become visible on the search engine, so try to edit the posts to prevent any kind of abrupt on your name. The blogs are mostly published on the search engine very easily and it must affect your professional life in any way, so try to remove or edit them to make it look perfect.

4. Remove all inactive social accounts- This is a very important part in cleaning your online identity. In the beginning you would have created different social media accounts for various purposes, but it is important to remove all those inactive accounts. By removing all your inactive accounts, the audience will be able to see only your professional account. If you are not using any of the particular social media account for a long time, try to delete it immediately. The posts in this account will remain until it gets removed completely.

5. Concentrate while posting- Always make sure that you must never post or send a reply in a angry mood as it can affect your online reputation. The people who will go through your profile will also see your replies on other posts, so try to concentrate before posting anything on the social media network. Avoid using any kind of offensive posts. Share interesting information that paints you in an attractive light to potential clients and you’ll increase the chances of contact with them. You can just interesting details that can attract more people and make your profile more interesting for the viewers.