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Improve Engagement With Twitter Ads Score Algorithm

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Those who are using Twitter ads would like to get their investment back in a better way. There is a ad quality score used by Twitter that helps to check the ads displayed and the amount paid by the user. You can follow a proper method to create your own Twitter content to improve the ads quality and increase the return on investment. Twitter is expected to support the engaging ads with rewards and also oppose the ads that are not performing well. This is almost similar to quality score from Google AdWords that features same type of algorithm in rewarding the engaging ads. Just follow this simple method to support Twitter ads score algorithm for better engagement in the Twitter ads campaign.

1. Twitter ads with creativity- The Twitter users always like to see new and fresh content, so it is always important to make your ads creative. Try to make your each ad to be different from the first ad. Even though the content in the ad is same, try to represent it in such a way that is looks creative as well as unique. This will provide a higher engagement as well as visibility for your ad. Don’t use same ads for a long time as it will not attract any audience, but make some changes so it looks unique to people who see it.

2. Take advantage of existing engagement- Try to use the already existing good tweets to promote your ads than spending more money to engagement. Paying more money for high-engagement tweets can only increase your organic performance, but people will like to share only popular tweets available in their networks. Promoting a content which is not popular among the people will not get any engagement and paying money for this will be a real waste. The organic engagement received for your ads will also be very less when compared to the ads which people want to see. Also avoid making payment for those which people are eager to see as it can be a waste of money. They would like to share the tweets that are popular, so investing to promote such a tweet can be avoidable.

3. Narrow your target- Try to use ad targeting features available in Twitter to find the most suitable audience for your ads. By doing this you will be able to narrow your searched people in a particular area and increase the tweet engagement. There are different types of targeting options available in Twitter that can be used to improve your ad targeting strategy to try. Try to create the ad that is more relevant to your audience which can create a chance to increase the engagement along with quality score. Twitter campaigns can be really effective, but you must know the best ways to use it in a proper way. Give more attention how the Twitter ads work within an algorithm to improve the engagement and get successful.

Using CRM And Social Data For Twitter Ads

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CRM and social data are two important things that can added together to make your ad targeting more effectively and it can also help you to reach out with your audience effectively. Both these data are a perfect choice for your digital marketing campaigns. There are steps that can help to make use of these two important systems. CRM or customer relationship management helps you to access the present and future audiences using their data. After getting the details about them which only includes the email addresses, it is possible to divide the list based on your data. The CRM data can be a great option if you want to create your own email campaign to make it more unique. It is also possible to divide the customers who are regular in purchasing your product and include them into the email lists.

Social data can also be helpful in improving the advertising campaigns and it is considered to be intangible when compared to the CRM data. You can always use your analytics dashboards to control the social accounts as it will have the entire data about your channels. It is not possible to see the user level details as you can just see the basic trends. You cannot be completely aware of your campaign targeting till it gets over. Putting both CRM and social data to create social advertising campaigns you must be able to guess the data using your ad targeting. In Twitter, you can upload the email lists into ad platforms directly to make the users to match with their email addresses. Then it is possible publish your ads to the users who have been successfully matched. The user’s activity is tracked in Twitter with the help of the email address and you can upload various lists related to your targeted audience segment.

You must follow a particular method to upload CRM data in Twitter. To do this, first log into Twitter ads dashboard, then select Tools and Audience Manager. Now you will see an option Create New Audience, which must be selected and choose Upload Your Own List in drop-down menu. Try to customize the name of your audience and also choose data type that you are planning to upload. You must select the Email Addresses in Specify Type of Data in Your File and upload the CRM data. Once the data gets uploaded, select the option Create List Audience. You can only use the Twitter audience only after a day after creating it.

Anyone will be able to achieve success in social advertising by combining both these data together. To get this process done in a perfect way you must make sure that the CRM data is divided correctly. According to a study, most of the email campaigns have been effective if they are combined along with the social ads. The same type of option is also used by other social media platform such as Facebook to include both CRM and social data together.