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Promote Your Blog Content Through Twitter

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Blog posts are the best ways to promote your brand, but get more traffic for your blog try to share it on the social media network. Twitter is one of the best social media channel that can be used to get more traffic to your blog post. There a different ways that can help to use Twitter for sharing the blog post.

1. Repurpose the content- Twitter is used to get traffic for various blogs as many people like to view different type of content through this platform. Repurposing the content can be done in different ways like using videos and images. The users like to share images in their tweets as it is known to attract lot of people on this platform, but you must tweet the title and link of your blog pot as text along with an image to make it interesting. To use video, try to select it which is really short. Just record a short video and post it on Twitter to see the response from your audience. You can also use Twitter to share live video related to your topic. Once you have posted blog content, try to share it with your followers through live video which will encourage them to visit the blog.

2. Use blog link in tweet- You have to use the link of your blog post in your tweet not just once as you can use them whenever you share a tweet on Twitter. But make sure you don’t post the same tweet with the link as you must share different tweets during the day with the blog post link. You can also automate tweets related to your blog using a number of tools which can be useful in making your promotion campaign for successful for the blog post. The blog will easily get promoted when you automate the tweet and you can also get more new followers when it is done in the right way.

3. Refer the audience- This is very simple to do whenever you see an interesting person, try to share their opinions in the blog post. Then you can promote it on Twitter and reach the person by just with a mention. The influencers are the best person to get your blog post promoted on the social media channel and they are also the most active people to share it i the blog post.

4. Use the click option- Once you have completed writing the post, try to add a click option to support the viewers in promoting your content on your behalf. With this option it is possible to make the viewers to share their quote and link it back to the post with this click option. There are also tools to do this which includes Click to Tweet that is available for free. When the viewer clicks the link in your blog post, they will be taken to Twitter and ask them to tweet a link with editing option.

Making Followers To Promote Your Brand

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Maintaining a very stronger community is very important on the social media network, but before that you must build your community. It is important to attract the followers to get more engagement directly or indirectly. You can also easily make your customers and even fans to play a vital role to maintain your presence on the social media. There are important ways that can help to add more fans in the social activities online. You can just stay creative to attract more followers to your Twitter account and always share unique content even it has the same message for your audience. The customers play a very important role in the development of a company and you can easily covert a fan into your customer by following simple methods.

1. Give recognition to fans- Most of the people are using social media platform to achieve a name for them. It is very common among everyone who is on the social media network. Try to highlight the content of your fan or directly highlight the fan for ten minutes in your social media, this will in turn make them share more interesting things with your. Just ask the followers on the social media platform such as Twitter to share content with unique hashtag and you will be able to get lot of important content to use.

2. Organize a contest- Many people like to participate in the contest as it will create an impression of excitement among your fans or followers. Make your followers to share a video, posts, designs and other important things related to your product. Also announce a reward for the special winner which can help them get motivated and share their innovations. You can also make the people to vote the best contest once you have got the submissions for all your contests.

3. Support the originality- Whenever you see a really unique content shared with your account which is relevant to your brand, try to support or encourage them. You can also ask your followers to share creative things and encourage them when they really do it. Most of the social media platform like Twitter offers a number of opportunities to be unique and this can be shared through various sources such as videos, designs, etc. Also make use of your follower or fan while promoting your product through the social media and use their creative techniques to generate more customers.

4. Crowd sourcing in Twitter- This is one of the most simple way of engaging with your followers. Just consult your followers about the new ides you have about your product and the ideas which they for applying it over your product online. Everyone will get excited if you ask them to contribute in promoting your brand on the social media and you can also improve your customer loyalty by doing this. You can also share the content from your fan on the website which can also improve your engagement.