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Twitter Marketing: Getting Started With Image Marketing Part 2

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But before you are going to upload your own image, let me tell you something about taking a picture for yourself. I think you have two choices to do this by yourself. It is either you are going to take a cheap shot via your web camera, or you could buy a high quality digital camera of your own. But if I were you, if you have enough money to do this, I would really suggest that you should purchase a high quality digital camera, in order for you to take clear shots for good. But if not, I think it would be fine.

To tell you the whole truth about this one, I think high quality pictures from a digital camera might convert well than a webcam. Your web camera is too pixelized, especially if you are using it in your own laptop. So if I were you who buy Twitter followers, I would simply think that there is no way that they may become attracted with your own pixelized picture. Instead, you have to go through the high quality one. But if you cannot afford, you can always find an image editor, where you may easily edit funny images for good.

After that, try to upload it to your very own Twitter account. After you upload it, please do not hesitate to share that funny picture of yours to your respective Twitter followers, once and for all! This is how image marketing is all about for Twitter fanatics around the world.