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What Happens Next After You Create A Special Offer For Twitter Followers?

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Assuming that you did have a $37 eBook on sale, you just try to add at least one or two (or even more than that) related products that will compliment your own package. You know why? This will even attract a lot more followers in your Twitter account to buy that eBook once and for all. I have seen a lot of internet and affiliate marketers who buy Twitter followers, who are going into this kind of strategy. Even the most famous Frank Kern, Fabian Tan and John Chow are giving away special offers to their own customers who buy their own products.

Actually, there are two kinds of special offers that they have in store for you. The first one would be a series of bonus related products that compliments their own main product. On the other hand, the other special offer that I would like to reveal is an OTO (one time offer), but that would mean an upgrade. But what will happen next after you are going to create a special offer for your very own Twitter followers? I think it would be really simple for you to answer it, since you already have some broad knowledge about Twitter marketing.

The answer would be promoting and marketing. That’s right everyone, you are going to promote a special offer for the product you have to Twitter followers like no other. Without marketing and promoting, there is no way that you can get traffic and sales with that for once.